Sydney startup helping parents with vaccinations for children

- December 14, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


Vaccination Scheduler helps parents better manage and centralise all of their children’s vaccination information. It comes with the pre-installed recommended vaccination schedules for their child’s first 10 years and is the first iPhone app that sends alerts to remind parents when their child’s next vaccination is due.

Coming out of Fishburners in Sydney this application means that parents only have to enter their child’s birth date and name into the Vaccination Scheduler and the app will automatically fill in its calendar of vaccination dates specific to their child’s age.  And then the app will send an alert to remind them of every upcoming vaccination appointment they need to make.

The Vaccination Scheduler app was developed after a study into the usage patterns of and feedback from parents on how they use the paper-based ‘Baby Personal Health Records’ that they received when they had their child.

Founder David Freuden says “Parents can also instantly send the latest vaccination update as a PDF to their preferred health care professional or to themselves so they have a centralized paper back-up of all their children’s vaccinations all with the push of a button.  And it can manage and track up to six children.”

Research has found that approx 80% of parents rely on their friends, mother groups and childcare centres to remind them when certain vaccinations are due. “Our priority was to make a mobile app that is super simple to use, no matter if the parents have children three months or three years old, and that this information is always accessible.” said Freuden.