Startup darling UBER goes public in Sydney

- December 3, 2012 2 MIN READ


UBER, “Everyone’s Private Driver,” is a smartphone app that connects riders with nearby high quality transport around the world. Download the free UBER app, set your pickup location and within minutes a professional driver will pick you up in a luxury car and drop you off at your destination, all without pulling out your wallet.

On face value it kind of sounds like a more expensive version of using a taxi, but let’s break it down and look a little closer. One of the biggest pain points [especially in Sydney] is that 25% of bookings via cab companies, never result in pick ups, although apps such as GoCatch I have noticed are changing this dramatically and I have had efficient service now when I use this to catch a cab.

But there is something pretty attractive about travelling in a luxury car, plus because the service is available and consistent across 19 other countries, you can pretty much pre-organise every part of your travel insuring smooth transits at each stop.

“We love it here! Sydney is a world-class city that deserves to be part of the Uber family. The city is blessed with great restaurants & bars and home to many international festivals and events. Sydneysiders care about their appearance, so we think they’ll love Uber.” says David Rohrsheim, General Manager, Uber Sydney.

“We’re excited to be here and help achieve the City of Sydney’s ‘Sydney 2030’ vision much sooner than expected, that ‘Moving around town in 2030 is going to be very different to the chore it is now.’

Secret Ubers have been quietly roaming Sydney’s streets and tunnels for one month now, picking up customers such as local Olympic diver Matt Mitcham and bandArt vs. Science. Now open to the public Sydney is UBER’s official Australian launch city.

Keep an eye out for my secret UBER adventure / photo blog which I will be going on soon.