Startmate Class of 2013 Revealed!

- December 6, 2012 2 MIN READ


Startmate just keeps going from strength to strength each year with their program for startups producing some big players in the space across various industries. Grabble, Flightfox, Ninja Blocks and Scriptrock are just a few of the major success stories to come out of the incubator program and looking at this years line up, I think we can expect big things again!

Let’s take a look at the new class of 2013 …


7pm Anywhere

Online dating is going through some big changes at the moment, the trend [as spoken about at last months conference in Sydney on Online Dating] is gearing more towards social matching through existing networks and creating a more wholesome approach to introductions. 7pm Anywhere plan to create a different approach to dating, believing that finding a soulmate should not be like searching through an online meat market.


This one is really cool and I am going to place some early bets that they get A LOT of interest from the US. BugCrowd use the power of the crowd to help you find and eliminate security bugs in mobile and web applications. I really love this one and can see myself using it for basic things around the website.

Get Stall

These guys allow you to sell your stuff – pronto. I really like the clean minimalistic design and approach they are going for and the fact that the entire thing is all via smartphone. The fact that you can literally take a snap of something and sell it in seconds is cool and will take off. It’s kind of like instagram and ebay had a baby, minus the auction.


Instagram for preschools and parents. This one will go down well especially for working parents that want to stay connected to their kids throughout their day at pre school. It’s great for pre schools as well, it’s a huge add value to the service they provide and it creates a different level of discussion when picking up the kids. Plus parents love pics of their kids.


A marketplace of trusted professional sales people around the globe. I look forward to seeing more around what this is about, being a sales person myself, this startup really peaked my interest, and good sales people are always hard to find!


Simple shift changing for casual employees. Again the part time and casual job industry is getting a shake up, not sure what their model is going to be yet, but te way things are going in the US in this space is mobile, so will be interesting to see what they do.


A management tool that allows you to manage the process of building projects and startups. This is something that I wish I had when I started my business and will definitely be using it as we add other websites under the Shoe String Media Group portfolio. Get yourself onto this one startups.

Tutor on Demand

This one is very cool and looks like it already has some pretty decent traction. It allows users to reward great teachers. Online Education is going from strength to strength and this one looks like it could be the answer to the tough to crack highschool marketplace.


The Startmate program will be followed in depth this year by From Little Things, educating people on the real world of starting up and of course we will be finding out more out the individuals behind the startups for our founder profiles section.