ServiceRage. The feedback comparison site.

- December 7, 2012 2 MIN READ


Many comparison site startups have seen instant success, look at something like iselect and it is quite obvious that the comparison industry is wanted and valued by consumers right across the country. However most of these sites choose to focus on price, and this has largely driven the way businesses like these work.

Matt Travers founder of [currently in BETA] new website ServiceRage aims to change the game up a bit, by focusing and comparing feedback through social media on companies so that customers are able to identify the company they are likely to have the best experience with.

ServiceRage founder Matt Travers said the site was the first of its kind and would enable consumers to quickly see which companies have the happiest customers.

“Social media ‘sentiment analysis’ has previously only been available to the marketing departments of big companies – we’re putting it in the hands of consumers.”

“Most comparison sites focus on price but not everyone wants the cheapest deal at all costs. Often people are prepared to pay a little more if they can avoid the headaches involved with bad service. We help consumers find a company that’s going to keep them happy.”

Mr Travers said the idea was born out of reading customer service horror stories from friends and family on social media.

“These stories provide an incredible insight into what it’s really like to be a customer, but as individual anecdotes, it can be hard to see the wood for the trees.”

“We decided to bring all the stories together in one place so consumers can quickly see the pattern for each company, read the individual comments and then make a decision about where they’ll get the best service.”

In theory I like the concept, and feedback on services is actually something that I would use to influence my purchasing decision. I do however know that personally I am more likely to tweet about a bad or shocking experience than I would about normal everyday great customer service experience, so I feel that the data collected from twitter could potentially be a little skewed towards the negative the larger the company is.