RubyRobot Wars: An introduction to Ruby. Summer School.

- December 10, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


Mario Rogic, Co-Founder and CTO, Morgan
Tuesday and Thursday, January 8th and 10th from 11:00am – 12.30 pm

Ever wanted to make your own battling robot? Dive into the world of programming and artificial intelligence with this highly practical introductory class.

Students will learn how to build the brains of their own simulated robot from scratch, pit it against challenges to test and improve it, before finally battling it out against classmates for the coveted Robomaster title!

This class is aimed at high school students, particularly aged 13 – 17 with little or no programming experience. 

This two part class will cover:

1. Introduction to programming, artificial intelligence and robotics – why it’s cool and why you should learn it… like the awesome career opportunities and skills to impress your friends

2. The basics of Ruby and RubyRobot, write our first super simple bot, and take away some resources/homework to explore more

3. Bot building workshop, cool artificial intelligence strategies to try out as well as challenges to test and improve your bot

4. Battle royale, fight it out for the best bot


You will require a laptop for the class – no previous programming experience is required.

Mario Rogic is Co-Founder and Technical Director at Morgan, a digital agency specialising in web and mobile applications. He has a background in mechatronics and computer science. He loves programming, snowboarding and travel. He also thinks robots are pretty awesome.

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