One Screen. All the Stats. Introducing Informly.

- December 5, 2012 2 MIN READ


I must say when I had access to this gem a couple of weeks ago and got to play around, I was very excited and relived that finally someone had invented a single place to go where I could see everything that I wanted to know when it came to my business metrics.

Inform.ly simplifies metrics from popular cloud services like Xero, MailChimp and Google Analytics and shows a free dashboard of charts via the web or mobile. Research has shown that companies that invest in sophisticated analytics tools gain a competitive advantage and perform better. But this level of data analysis has been the domain of big business and more or less out of reach for small business owners. Dan Norris from new Australian based startup Informly believes that is about to change – and in fact swing back the other way.

Now dashboards are not exactly a new thing, in fact there are shit loads of them out there. When it comes to Inform.ly though in my eyes the problem they are solving is this:

  • People hate logging into multiple screens
  • People don’t know the difference between what they should measure and their vanity metrics

This system allows you to actually curate the CORRECT information that you need to make you money in your business such as the revenue, the relevant stats and the customers that contribute most to your bottom line. As a user of the product, I have to say that it just simply connected to my Google login and then I just added the relevant metrics and systems that I want and should be looking at on a daily basis.

A mentor of mine has always told me I should be able to put the basic financial plan for a business on one page. Inform.ly does exactly that.

But according to Dan this isn’t where it ends. “Not only can we show charts from different services side by side but we can also combine information from various places into the one chart. For example a lot of our users are putting out regular content such as blog posts or podcasts. Our ‘Post Impact’ chart brings together a range of social signals such as hits, comments, tweets etc and plots recent posts on a chart showing which posts went well and which didn’t. A quick scan of this can show business owners what they need to focus on to get more impact next time around.”

Looks like the possibilities are kind of endless.