Highschool students urged to study digital technologies in 2013

- December 20, 2012 2 MIN READ

Once upon a time a generic business degree or business administration qualification might have been a desirable qualification for high school students wanting to keep their career options wide open.

But leading creative agency The Creative Collective say a qualification in Information, Digital Media and Technology is probably the best qualification you could seek in today’s market place, given the massive and continuing growth in this area.

“Nearly every workplace in the country uses information and digital technology for business and are focussed on continuing in this way in 2013,” says CEO & Founder of The Creative Collective.

“I see a real opportunity here for people still in high school as every day we are providing services and training to businesses who are realising the power of it and who are looking for people to assist them in this area. In fact we’ve even started taking expressions of interest from our clients who would like to take on a trainee in 2013 to assist them with website updates, search engine optimisation, social media, video editing and related items. Most people we meet need help.”

To give the high school students the skills they need to be accepted for traineeships, The Creative Collective have developed heavily Government subsidised online courses, in both the Cert II & Cert III in Information, Digital Media and Technology, which will be on offer in 2013.

“We’re designing the courses in such a way that high school students should be able to complete the courses on their internet enabled mobiles piece-by-piece – maybe even on the bus ride home! We call it ‘bite-sized learning’ i.e. digestible chunks of watching 2-5 minute videos and web casts, with short comprehension quizzes given straight after. And we believe this sort of learning will suit high school students!

Whilst some schools already offer this training, Adams says the market research shows the schools admit they are really struggling to keep up with changes in the industry and to be able to articulate this into cutting edge course content.

“Our advantage is that we are already offering these services on a daily basis anyway, and we live and breathe this stuff. But many of the schools are very receptive to partnering for success whereby they may provide the computer facilities and mentoring support of the students as they engage in the program.”

Adams says the company are particularly excited about the social impact the ability to learn in this way should make on high school students in regional, rural and remote communities.

“Until now their study and career options have been very limited. In short the students out there can take over the family business, or head to the city. We hope by empowering high school students with this online training, which will then flow on to parents and small business owners, we will be able to make a real difference in these communities.”

Expressions of interest for the courses are now being accepted with no obligation and no money down. Places on the actual courses are limited, and those who express interest will be notified in the New Year when registrations open with further information. For more information on the Certificate II in Information, Digital Media and Technology aimed at high school students see http://www.getuptospeed.com.au/get-on-track or facebook.com/getontrackprogram.