The Digital Carpenter

- November 22, 2012 2 MIN READ



Priyanka Rao is the founder of Evolvex, the next generation of furniture design and creation. Although she may have three degrees under her belt, her path was decided early as being from a family of entrepreneurs it only seemed natural that Rao would journey down this path herself.

Risk taking is not a dirty word in her vocabulary, it is something Rao says she saw her parents doing everyday, in fact it feels more like a natural daily task as opposed to something that should be looked at in awe. Her family business is furniture, Rao has been working and involved in the business since she was a teenager, with a concentration on office fit outs, the consumer market was not something their business targeted.

It wasn’t until a trip to find furniture for her sister that was leaving home that Rao realised the serious lack of quality, well priced, sustainable furniture in the consumer market, not to mention the fact that you could only buy a product that existed with limited colours, sizes and shapes, often not quite fitting the space the way you would hope once assembled at home.

Evolvex allows customers to design and create their new furniture online, and they make it and deliver it flat packed directly to a client’s door. The beauty is that when you move, you can simply evolve the furniture by going back into your account and adding to the piece you already have in your home.

Rao has a clear focus; build an international company that lasts, it is not about the quick wins, the flip for millions or the glory of having the best idea. She lives and breathes her product, there is not a question around manufacturing furniture that she is unable to answer, she holds a strong belief that product knowledge of what you are doing and why you are doing it, is critical to every startups success.

Bringing technology to the world of customised furniture making, this is definitely a lady you will be hearing a lot more about over the coming years in many business conversations.