The Adventurer

- November 23, 2012 2 MIN READ


Chris Ball is the founder of Sydney based startup Adventure Honey. A love for adventure and in particular Thailand led him to create an interactive media platform bringing together likeminded travellers from around the world to share awesome travel experiences. Partnering with Bluechilli, Ball has essentially taken the backpacker bar from your holidays and put it online.

“It’s like an online version of that cool travellers bar where wide eyed travellers share the really wild, kick-arse experiences they’ve had while on tour. We take that online and let you connect direct with the operators” says Ball

The business has been in BETA for only just a couple of days, and already Ball is being flown by the Thai Government on Saturday to meet further with hosts, adventure providers and the tourism industry to come up with a strategy to sell the adventure side of their country.

Ball is an adventurer at heart, you can tell by talking to him he loves to get his inner Bear Grylls on and the experiences on the site definitely cater to that larger than life audience, because they are curated by the community itself.

“We already have a diverse mix of experiences on the site and ultimately it’s up to our users to decide what’s included. But, our community is created around authentic adventure, the ‘out of your comfort zone, off the beaten path’ type of experience is the focus” said Ball.

Closer to Ball’s heart though is the social mission of his company. The inspiring purpose of AdventureHoney. 25% of proceeds from each sale are invested into the Changemaker Program; powering social entrepreneurs with business ideas that can lift themselves and their community out of extreme poverty.

“AdventureHoney empowers you the consumer to be the change you want to see in the world…simply by travelling and having incredible experiences” said Ball