Perception is Reality, Stop Whinging …

- November 23, 2012 2 MIN READ


Look I think we have all been there, I know I certainly have. But we need to stop being such jealous little cows in the business space, and I am directing this at everyone from startups to small businesses that have been running for decades. I am talking about reality vs perception, as quite often it is not the best quality product, service or offering on the market that will actually get the media attention, the money and the customers. Booooo!

This is because some businesses, founders and experts are much better at making people think they are better than everyone else and all purchase decisions  from potential customers will always start with perception – and an indivduals perception IS their reality on something.

It’s a game, and if you want the attention, the large customer base and the money that comes with that, you had better learn to play it, and to stop whinging about why you are not getting the “attention your deserve” is the first step. Your mother may have told you that nobody likes  an attention seeker, but in the world of business you won’t get any attention at all if it is not sought.

Do you really think that Kogan is the only person doing online retail at his price point? No. But you don’t know who any of the others are because he has worked extremely hard to make sure that potential customers perceive him as the best, and therefore that is what he has become in much of the public’s eye.

So how do you do this as a poor startup with no resources? You build a network, a strong network across the media, across your target audience and with other businesses that strategically align to that of your own. When becoming an attention seeker, consistency is the key – the media will keep coming back to you because you are doing something that garners them eyeballs. This may be shock value, it may be that you are hilarious and entertaining it could be simply because you have a certain style and image that appealsto their   particular audience, find what it is and work it.

Look closely at the others getting all the “unfair” attention in your industry. It’s not because they are better than you are at business, it is because they are better than you are at controlling the way society perceive them – perception will always trump reality and then become it.

Stop complaining and start playing the game.