New Reach Local App, Great for Startups ROI

- November 15, 2012 2 MIN READ


A new app launching on the 19th November by online marketing services company ReachLocal lets Australian businesses access up to the minute information on the success of their marketing campaigns, wherever they are.

Business executives are increasingly time poor. With managers often spending large amounts of time away from their desk, it is difficult to keep on top of leads and results from their website and advertising campaigns. As a result many leads go cold before the business can respond.

In response to the need for information to be available at any place or time, online marketing services company ReachLocal has launched a new app available on Android, Apple iPhone and Apple iPads iOS.

Building on ReachLocal’s innovative lead tracking and optimisation technology, the app provides real-time notifications of leads and results from online marketing and advertising campaigns direct to smartphones. Notifications include:
• Real-time notifications and alerts for news calls, emails, web events and chats, which ensures that business owners never miss a chance to connect with their leads. The app also stores recorded calls and lets users rate and respond to calls directly via the application. This not only ensures that businesses can connect with their leads immediately, but also allows the business owner to see how their own staff are responding to calls on the phone and whether or not they are maximising opportunities for sale.
• Easy access to clear and detailed reports which allows business owners to track their campaign performance without being tied to a desk, and this allows them to see the value of their online marketing
• Timely social media notifications and reports so business owners can monitor their business’ web presence and keep up to date on what’s being said about their business online
• Access to their ReachLocal Support Team from the palm of their hand. This function enables business owners to stay connected to their team, and connect with relevant resources and contacts while on the go.

Knowing how campaigns are performing provides powerful insight into the value of online marketing as a whole. The app provides detailed reports on key metrics including impressions, visits, click-through rates, social media engagements, leads and other valuable information  proving marketing ROI.

Steven Prestidge, general manager of ReachLocal Australia said: “Our experience is that many business owners want 24/7 access to their marketing results and to run it from their smartphones. It makes sense that they should be able to access information and insights directly anywhere, anytime. The ReachLocal app offers absolute convenience for business owners who want to understand the return on their online advertising investment, connect with their leads, and stay connected to their support team.”

The app is available immediately to all ReachLocal customers free of charge on and can be downloaded from the ReachLocal website www.reachlocal.com.au


– Kathryn Bramwell