My Business was an Out of Control Dog!

- November 13, 2012 2 MIN READ


Sometimes a bitch needs to learn that you are the boss and walk properly on a leash. Since moving across the road from a huge park and working from our new “creep” office where we can watch everything happening in the neighbourhood whilst we work. I have noticed something. There are a lot of people that think they are walking their dog, when in fact it is their dog that is walking them, untrained, unfocused and taking them to places they don’t want to go.

That is exactly what Shoe String was doing to me a short while ago, sure I was presenting to the public that my dog was well-behaved and this owner was in complete control of it’s activities, but that my friends was actually a bit of a lie. Why? Because I was not making money in the business the way the business was meant to be making money.

I had gotten myself into the mentality where “I was introducing a temporary cash stream” that I would fade out “when the core cash stream” picked up and was covering the costs and making profit. The only problem was, I was spending most of my time working on the temporary fix that the core of the business was being ignored and hence was not making a dime, taking me off track and delaying success and growth for the brand. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid!!

It took a while for me to get everything back in order as the temp stuff had become so core to paying for the costs in the business that it was obvious I was not in control of my business and the way we made money at all – it was in control of me, it was calling the shots … shit.

Now we have a mind map in place, a clear and concise path of what we want to do, how we want to get there and the methods we will use to make money – it is simple and to the point, but most importantly it has relieved the stress and put the fun back into the business, we are doing what we actually started up again and it’s awesome.

So as you sit down to start making money today, let me know – are you really in control? or is your business taking you for a misguided walk around the park?

Been in the same boat? What was your experience?