Million Dollar App. Or just Crap?

- November 26, 2012 2 MIN READ


Brandon Cowan has made a couple of the most downloaded apps in Australia, the two that he is most well known for are a parking app and the Pet Rescue app, both which got him extensive media coverage at the age of 17. His new venture however is something that could potentially put him out of business, after all his new application is aimed at making sure that people who have an app idea, avoid the [let’s face it] majority of app owners futures of not making any money at all. His new venture is called the App Making Guide.

“Every day, approximately 46 million apps are downloaded from the App Store. The most popular app on the App Store has been downloaded over 1 billion times. This raises two questions. ‘How do I come up with an idea for a great app’ and ‘how can I turn my idea into an app to make money from it’. App Making Guide is an iPhone and iPad app that answers both of these questions. It is a complete and step-by-step guide to take you from idea to App Store and everything in between” says founder Brandon Cowan.

“As the owner of an app development Company that could make a lot of money by developing an app directly for a client, people may wonder why Brandon has made App Making Guide. Brandon’s close friend and mentor describes it as ‘burning down a bridge that he built’. This means that he has spent lots of time and effort building knowledge, the app development Company and reputation and he is giving it all away for just $4.49 in an app!” says Cowan.

And by the looks of things young Cowan may just have another hit on his hands, Apple were promoting the new guide as number one in their new and noteworthy section for books just last week and feedback is rolling in and as usual it all seems to be very positive.

When asked about financial goals, Cowan says he does not really have any, he just wants to turn as many ideas into reality as possible. Trust the 18 year old to remind me of that lesson about being passionate about what you do first and then the money follows.


original photo: UTS Newsroom