Lee’s Gym, A Clever Media Startup

- November 9, 2012 2 MIN READ


The other day I came across this great new media startup called Lee’s Gym. And yes in my opinion this is very much a media startup, in the very same way that Red Bull is a media company and NOT an energy drink company.

The basic concept is that you get to follow the weight loss / fitness journey of six very different people, that have a certain health goal in mind and see what they go through on the way to achieving that goal. The trainer Lee Campbell has put together unique training, meal prep and workout plans for each of the individuals, all representing different sizes, shapes and fitness levels.

From the looks of the promo’s it has all the elements of a hit TV show but without the glitz and glamour, making it extremely watchable, relatable and the results you see attainable. You just have to look at the pace that their social media channels are growing to know that this is going to be an internet hit in the next couple of days when it launches.

The revenue model is smart, simple and sophisticated. It has a major interactive element in which you choose the problem area YOU would want to focus on in terms of fitness, this correlates to one of the six stories of course, immediately engaging you to take the next ste and purchase.

Campbell is going for a low cost, high engagement model here, with a six week video series, diet plans and forum’s via social connection platforms for only $49.00 – even with only a couple of thousand taking him up on the offer that around 100k for six weeks worth of work. Lee is not in the business of online fitness though, he is in the business of online fitness media. I am looking forward to watching this one play out – If the content is good, the people will buy.