Kath Purkis: Her Fashion Box

- November 13, 2012 2 MIN READ


I met with Kath Purkis as she was preparing for a product shoot for her new startup Her Fashion Box which launches this month. When you meet her two things are very clear, Purkis knows how to launch a new business [she has successfully led her current one Le Black Book for the last 5 years] and she lives and breathes the world of fashion.

Leveraging off her experience as a fashion buyer, Purkis is heading into the world of subscription fashion, a growing trend in the Australian market at the moment in the beauty and accessories market. Her Fashion Box is inspired by US giant Birchbox and her experience in identifying high volume selling products from within her current business.

“I could see certain products selling in high volume at Le Black Book, products we manufactured. When it comes to negotiating cost prices, it’s a numbers game & the larger volume, the better profit margins. With Her Fashion Box I immediately saw an opportunity to identify key styles that would suit a wide range of women & offer across a subscriber network”

Every month for a very reasonable $49.95 subscribers to Her Fashion Box will receive a box of the latest beauty products and a fashion item based on their profile selection at the sign up stage. In terms of the subscription trend happening in Australia, I really think that the wave is just starting rise and will hold strong for the next couple of years. When it comes to fashion and beauty however if we look at products such as particular brands of makeup or even something like pro-active we can clearly see that this market has an engaged and sustained business model. Something which is going to work in Purkis’ favour.

“Women love shopping online & love the feeling of parcels arriving on their doorstep each month. Her Fashion Box is a product that can become a part of every woman’s life & something to look forward to each month. It is a way to connect with women each month & create a valuable box filled with fashion & beauty products, lifestyle products & a trend report” says Purkis.

Like I said her strength in this business is her 5 years experience in her current business, her reputation in the industry, her street cred and buying power and existing subscriber reach is going to make for a great jumpstart in revenue growth for this new business venture.