How to: Rules on taking your business mobile!

- November 29, 2012 3 MIN READ


Mobile technology provides a superb way for small and large businesses alike to complement their existing business advertising and selling methods to increase their exposure. However, what they will need is planning and high attention to detail so that when you do enter the mobile marketplace you can hit the ground running.

One thing you should never do as a business owner is underestimate the power of mobile platforms. The growth of mobile technology has been huge over recent years and these days this technology is accessed and used by not only business people but by the average Joe, people from all sorts of backgrounds, young people, old people, and everyone in between. This means that you have a marked improvement in sales and revenues.

Preparing to take your business mobile

The first thing you should do if you decide that you want to take your business mobile is your preparation and research. There are a number of things that you need to look into at this vital stage in your preparations to go mobile with your business. This is not a time to try and cut corners – this is where you need to exercise real attention to detail so that you can get everything in place before you take your first steps into the world of mobile technology for your business. Some of the areas you need to look at during this stage include:

Looking at the different mobile methods that could benefit your business: There are many different areas and tools that you can use to maximise your success. At this stage you should be thinking about methods such as mobile apps, SMS campaigns, targeted advertising, banner advertising and mobile video advertising.

Your website: You will need to look at how you can develop and optimise your website for use on mobile devices. A site that is not properly designed and optimised for mobiles will cause frustration for users on smaller devices, which could mean lost visitors. You also need to think about whether your business can benefit from having a mobile app that consumers can download onto their devices.

Check out your competitors: If you have direct competitors who you know are already using mobile platforms, and particularly those who appear to be enjoying a lot of success, you should take the time to see how they are utilising mobile technology to boost their success. This will give you a better insight into the methods that you should be considering to mirror this success.

What are the benefits of going mobile with your business?

There are many benefits that you and your business will be able to enjoy when you successfully take your business mobile. Some of the advantages of embracing this technology include:

Greater opportunities to connect with potential customers: With more and more people using mobile devices, and with the implementation of 4G networks likely to see numbers increase, having a mobile presence means that your business can connect with a greater number of potential customers

Tapping into the popularity of mobile purchasing: Not only are more people using mobile devices these days but more people are using these devices to research products and services that they want and to make purchases. By having a mobile presence you can tap into the popularity of mobile purchasing.

More effective and targeted marketing: With so many different groups of people using mobile devices on a day to day basis, from business users and housewives to teens and students, you can benefit from more effective and targeted marketing, which can be a real boost for your business.

Being able to compete more easily: Having a mobile presence is an extra feather in your cap and means that you can compete more easily with rivals in your field. In fact, given that large percentages of businesses still haven’t got around to moving into the mobile markets, you could even find yourself a step ahead of some of your competitors!