Founder of the Year: Kate Kendall

- November 22, 2012 2 MIN READ


Over the last few months people have been voting, and our judges have been judging for our founder of the year competition, a lot of the judging was completed manually [taking a lot longer than expected, on the upsides we learnt what we need to do next time to get things speeding along] Our founder of the year for 2012 has been named Kate Kendall, founder of The Fetch.

 photo by Pierre Toussant for Australia Unlimited

 A content connoisseur, digital thinker and community builder, Kate Kendall is one of Australia’s most well known women in the startup space. Her startup, The Fetch is everything a startup should be, simple, straight forward and solves a problem. Kendall lives and breathes the startup space both within Australia and internationally, in less than a year she has built a product which services some of the world’s busiest startup hubs including San Francisco, New York, Sydney, Melbourne and Berlin to name a few, the cool thing is, it is all just getting started – she hasn’t even got resources on board yet.

A flag bearer of the Bootstrapped startup culture Kendall demonstrates to the startup community that not every business model looking for fast growth warrants a capital raising round and that a loyal audience can be built and curated with super fans, word of mouth and loyal volunteers that share your vision and passion.

Her knowledge internationally about the digital space does not come from a place of theory, but rather real experience travelling to and living in the cities she comments on and services, whether it’s Silicon Valley or rice patties in Bali at startups abroad, Kendall’s content and offering through The Fetch is always original, personable and easily digestible.


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