Event: From Corporate to Freedom, 8hr Startup Bootcamp

- November 8, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


The cold hard facts are:

  • Most business-schools can teach you how to manage an existing business but not how to start a new one
  • Business coaches charge over $500 per hour but how many of them have actually started a new business? What a ripoff!
  • There are hundreds of “How-To Start A Business” books out there, but do you know anyone that have read one and actually started a successful business? The reality is always different than the book

What this day is NOT:

  • It’s not a course where we teach you theory and you have to figure out yourself how to implement it
  • It’s not a hyper-excited “believe and it will happen” event – even though belief is valuable and important, we will show you real hard-core techniques and systems used by successful Entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley
  • It’s not an instant booming business – you will not have a million-dollar business by the end of the 90-day plan, building a business takes time. However we will show you how to get all the hardest parts of the business in-place for further growth – a proven businessmodel doing something that you love, a basic product and your first paying customer! Once you reach that milestone our follow-on events and programs will show you how to fast-track the growth of your new business.

Check Out More Detailed information on who the speakers are and what the day will entail here

Rydges World Square Conference Center
389 Pitt Street, 
Sydney Nsw , 2000

Saturday, 10 November 2012 from 09:00 to 16:00 (EST)

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