Bringing Ideas to Life

- November 14, 2012 3 MIN READ


EVERYONE comes up with great ideas. The success that is achieved from the idea varies dramatically based upon what you choose to do with it.

Ask yourself, “If I die tomorrow, will I be happy with how I lived today?” If you answered ‘no’, I wrote this for you.

In life, there is no reason to not pursue your dreams. Too many people live their lives thinking “I wasted x years completing a university degree that is useless for me” or “I wasted 20 years working in a full-time job that I hate”. Think to yourself, do I love what I do? If not, it is time to seriously reconsider what you are doing for your career. Think about what love doing and think how you can earn a living doing it.

How often do you come up with a new idea and think, “that would be cool, I hope someone makes this product” or “I can’t wait for someone else to make this”? If the idea is that good that you think someone else will turn it into reality, why not do it yourself and make money out of it? This is the question that many people automatically dismiss before asking and when asked, it is very likely that you might come up with an excuse like “I’m too busy”, “I don’t know where to start” or “I can’t do this but someone else can”. Let’s delegitimize those excuses and bring you one step closer to turning your idea into reality:

I’m too busy” – In general, people prioritise by putting things that they perceive to be important, first. Being too busy for something is usually an excuse for that possible new task being near the bottom of your priority list. If the idea is that great and worth pursuing, this excuse is invalid.

“I don’t know where to start” – Stop thinking of how not to do something and start thinking how you can do it. There are plenty of places to start! If you have a business or product idea, find someone who has been through a similar process before and ask to catch up over a coffee (you can find people easily on LinkedIn). You don’t need to know them previously – using this method, I have communicated with a large number of CEO’s and co-founders – I even got a few email replies from Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple at one stage!

“I can’t do this but someone else can” – By thinking this, you are effectively limiting yourself and your ability. We all need to start somewhere and we all begin with little or no knowledge, often in the fields that we want to pursue.

At 16 years of age, I started Crazy Dog Apps, an app development Company. I didn’t know how to code an app and I didn’t know anything involved in the process of app development. All I had was ideas, creativity and passion to turn my ideas into reality at any cost. I decided to talk to a family friend in IT, about my ideas and from that, we created Crazy Dog Apps. We thought we would start with the simplest idea on the list of about 40 app ideas – an app that remembers where you parked your car. A few months later, our iParkedHere app was born and hit no. 8 on iTunes! Since then, I am now 18 and have released 2 more apps that have reached the top-100 apps on the App Store. I am also working on a game for an international gaming Company and a few others. When I started Crazy Dog Apps, I had no idea where to start and no experience but I had the passion and drive to turn my ideas into apps and I found someone that could help me along the way. I turned my ideas into reality using my passion, not knowledge or a clear path to success.

It is important to sometimes take a step back from your life and think “do I love what I do”. If not, take action now! It is important for people to challenge the status quo and do things differently. You are never too old and it is never too late!