Aldi Marketing = Pure Genius

- November 16, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


So I took my boy to school today and my wife is dropping me off at work. I work next to an Aldi and I‘m like… “Why don‘t you go and pick up the garbage bags you wanted me to pick up yesterday (which I forgot) while you are here?”

She took one look and said: “Are you crazy. It‘s Thursday.”

I said: “So what”

She said: “All the raving fans line up on a Thursday to get the new stuff. It will take forever”

And I thought… what a damn good message for my newsletter. (yes, that‘s how I get my ideas 😉

Anyway, let‘s look at what Aldi does…

They have new products which arrive every Thursday.

They are good products you can‘t get anywhere else.

So everyone lines up for them in droves.

Because otherwise they‘ll miss out on the good stuff.

There‘s four classic advertising principles in play here…

New, Exclusivity (can‘t get it anywhere else) Good price  and Scarcity

And that‘s why people line up outside Aldi on a Thursday

Are there people lining up outside your business?

If not, think about how you can use these 4 Aldi principles in your business today