VNewsletter – What Blogs are you into?

- October 29, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


Hey Everyone,

One thing that would be glaringly obvious about us here is that we LOVE Blogs! – The major content growth on our site is through user generated blogs on all sorts of different and wonderful topics. Blogs these days are like twitter accounts, most people have one, and most businesses have one – so how do you know which ones to follow through all the clutter?

For Business their are a few that I like to follow, which I have put in this weeks video for you all. I do however follow some for fun and just general hilarious-ness [is that even a word?] – One in particular that I am addicted to that also makes me extremely angry is the Rich Kids of Instagram Tumblr blog. Who in their right mind that would drop 140K on a night out, is beyond me.

Blogs if you are writing one, take stamina. If you are serious about building an audience and want to it monetise it in the future, than you have to be consistent with your posting frequency and follow through all the time so that your following shares, grows and begins to “trust” in the schedule you are creating with them.

Do you have a Blog? Which Ones do you Read? Let us know -We would love to check them out!