VNewsletter – My Business Partner is Away, I’m Screwed!

- October 1, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

Today’s video goes out to all the cofounders in the house. Do you have clearly defined roles within your business? Are you cross trained to be able to temporarily take care of the “other” part of the business if they are away?

This month my business partner is away, and while he is gallivanting around Europe or Asia or wherever he is at the moment, I am the go to guy at the top level of the business. Luckily for me, we knew that the holiday was coming up and we were able to prepare in advance the weekly tasks and automate them for the site etc so that everything could keep ticking along smoothly.

However during the process we realised that we had not systemised a few things in the business that should have been [EVERYTHING should be documented in a system as you Build Your Business] and it made me aware that if the temporary departure for the business had been a sudden and unexpected one – I would have been royally screwed and lost not knowing what to do and how to work the systems.

Today in the video we talk about how to “Be Prepared” in a “Cofounder” Business.