Vnewsletter – I did it, I bought the quick fix weight loss pills

- October 8, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


Hey there Everyone,

Ever sat their watching those advertorials on television – you know those ones that usually take place late at night when you should be in bed. Most of them to do with weight loss [I swear they know I am sitting there with a packet of biscuits watching telly] – Have you ever picked up the phone and ordered what they are selling? I have a secret – I have … I am a stupid, stupid man.

It kind of got me thinking about how people do this type of thing a lot in the startup world. It is possible these days to get quick fixes for social media followers, sales leads and a host of other things that you need completed in your business. Quite often these things end up being more trouble than they are worth – just like the weight loss pills. Why?

Because they allow you to avoid forming a habit and developing a skill. For example if I used a service to gain 10,000 followers on  facebook – I completely void the opportunity to do the hard yards and attract quality and engaged and in the process learn the art of social media marketing -a skill I NEED if I want to Succeed.

Don’t Cheat People – Learn!