The Singer vs The Microphone

- October 29, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


Imagine we live in 1876 and the first Microphone has just been invented. It’s an exciting new device that takes the human voice and amplifies it to many people.

This new technology is fascinating to a lot of people. Imagine there are seminars and courses on how to set up a microphone, how to switch it on, how to fiddle with the dials.

Imagine people start writing articles like “The Power of the Microphone”, “How To Make Millions With A Microphone” and “Microphone Wealth Strategies”.

To some people it seems like it is the microphone that is making people rich but they are missing the biggest point.

The money doesn’t go to people who know how a microphone works, it goes to the people who know how to sing!

Today we have social media as the new “microphone”. It takes a message and gets it out to the world almost instantly.

Many people have become obsessed by this new technology. They attend courses called ““Social Media Millions” and “Make Money Online”. Some courses are good but many get people focussed on the wrong thing.

It’s not social media that makes people rich. It’s their message.

The Social Media just makes them louder. Just like a bad singer is a loud bad singer when they have a microphone, a terrible business message just gets ignored by more people online.

If you were alive at the time of the microphone I would advise you to get good at singing NOT get good at setting up a microphone.

Today you need to get good at pitching your ideas, productising your value, building your profile and empowering your community NOT get good at fiddling with websites.


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