Startup: Social Newtork for Real Estates

- October 5, 2012 2 MIN READ


A new social media site dedicated to property is poised to deliver Australians more transparency in the housing market, and much needed help with managing property online, according to its founders.

Housenet.com.au is a social networking site developed by award-winning industry figure, Darren Moffatt & web developer Ben Carew.  According to Mr Moffatt, niche social networks such as Housenet are the way of the future because they offer real solutions to specific problems.

“Try and imagine a Facebook adapted just for the local property market, and you’re getting close to Housenet,” said Mr Moffatt.

“Our goal is to create a more social real estate experience for people, online. Housenet has profile pages, blogs, chat, and a listings portal where people can post free housing ads. We’ve also made it easier for industry to share knowledge and tips with consumers in our Q & A Forums.

“And we’re promoting greater transparency in the market with our ‘Vital Stats’ feature. This is where, for the first time, industry members publish individual performance data so consumers can better target the right agent or professional for their needs. It’s pretty ground-breaking.”

In addition, Mr Moffatt says Housenet has customised social networking technology to solve the most annoying housing problems commonly experienced by investors and consumers. An extended period of consultation and research revealed that the biggest issue was actually poor communication and excessive email.

“Housing is a social asset. It invariably involves other people, especially during periods of change such as building, renovation, and moving. This is when managing communications and emails between so many people can be incredibly frustrating.

“Our solution, and the key feature for consumers, is the ability to create a private page for property so you can manage it all online, in one central location. It gives them so much more control.”

The Property Pages feature allows for discussion between multiple parties in real time, and users can upload photos, videos, and documents to store & share on the page.

“No more messy group emails! It’s just great for a renovation & decoration projects, a managing rental or share house, but the possibilities are endless.

“Think of Housenet as the online home, for your home.”

Whether you’re a homeowner, tenant, or investor, says Mr Moffatt, Housenet provides a much better way to do property.

“Our listings engine is pretty special too. Consumers can ‘follow’ their favourite agents, and anyone can post awesome free ads for sale, rent or to share. And because the whole platform is social, the property listings on Housenet are truly viral.”

Mr Moffatt says Housenet is all about improving the market experience for consumers and industry.

“It’s an incredibly powerful tool for consumers, no question, and it’s free to join which is great. But we’ve also spent a lot of time building a compelling value proposition for industry too, because our vision for Housenet is to empower both consumers and industry, and bring them together like never before.”