Startup: Car Next Door, what do you want to Drive Today?

- October 2, 2012 3 MIN READ


Will Davies cofounder of Car Next Door has been a long time advocate and user of Car Sharing, his only issue was that his nearest share car was around half a kilometre away. Not helpful if wanting to just duck up the road to the supermarket is it? Looking around him he noticed that there were cars parked on the streets and in driveways for hours and days on end – the solution was simple, borrow a neighbours car…

Along with his cofounder Dave Trumbull the pair set about creating a peer to peer car sharing platform, with a bold mission of decreasing the number of cars on the road.

“Car Next Door gives car borrowers access to a fleet of cars from $5 per hour whilst providing a simple way for car owners to earn $2-10k extra per year by sharing their car at times they aren’t using it.” says the pair.

Starting up Australia’s first peer-to-peer car sharing program that enables people to book by the hour has presented significant barriers to entry including having to overcome clauses in private car insurance specifically excluding cover when you rent out your car.

“The first thing we organised was an insurer.  As part of their membership, you get access to the Car Next Door fleet car insurance we have arranged which is underwritten by a major international insurer approved by Australian Prudential & Regulation Authority (APRA). The insurance unique as it covers both the Owner when they use the car, and provides Damage Coverage to the borrower when they are borrowing it.”

Car Next Door uses the latest in-vehicle and booking system technology that allows safe and secure access for members without the need to meet to swap keys.

“We see it as an essential component to not have to swap keys.  It makes sharing and borrowing a car for even an hour possible because you don’t need to go to the effort of meeting someone to exchange keys.  As a car borrower, you simply book the car online or on a smart phone, go to the car, swipe the windscreen to get in and then access the key which is in the car to drive away.”

And for those of you out there thinking that these two fellas are your typical young upstarts out there trying to crack a market and are playing it day by day – I can tell you now these two know what they are doing, they have a clear plan, clear goals and the swipe technology and insurance backing are two things that prove they are serious, and will be big hitters in the space. There is also their track records of course.

Will Davies is an entrepreneur and founder of several successful businesses. Before starting Car Next Door, Will founded Scope Lending, a mortgage broking business with (at time of sale) a team of 14, a loan book of over $330M and an annual turn-over in excess of $1.6M.  He has since gone on to establish a gym in the Gold coast, and a property syndicate purchasing in the US.

Dave Trumbull, spent over a decade in enterprise software in roles ranging from developer through to system architect and project manager. Dave spent the majority his time at Macquarie Bank designing, developing, and supporting large-scale critical software systems for their global equity derivatives business. This includes leading cross-border teams in the successful delivery of a number of multi-million dollar projects. Dave also built ‘Ecommunity‘, a sustainability-focussed community building simulator for the Team Events industry. Ecommunity won multiple awards at the 2010 LearnX Asia Pacific E-Learning Awards.

Car Next Door is currently looking for car owners and borrowers interested in becoming Car Next Door members.  They are launching in Sydney’s Bondi and Paddington areas, but are quickly expanding to all major Australian cities.

To register your interest as a car owner or car borrower, go to www.carnextdoor.com.au.  The first 5,000 registrations of interest will automatically qualify for a $25 credit if and when the join!