New Startup stream taking over one Wall at a Time

- October 16, 2012 2 MIN READ


The Wall Sticker Company started in 2006 when, both desiring a business of their own, founders Jen and Fi started making kid’s customized canvasses then selling them to area kid’s boutiques.  As the demand for their hand painted items became too much, they purchased a vinyl cutter off of eBay for about $300, started cutting out the names, then established their shop in Jen’s back shed. That ‘aha’ moment came as they stuck one of these names right to a wall, and they immediately knew that they had an outstanding product; something so new that would appeal to lots of markets.

The removable wall stickers and removable wallpapers are known for bringing that WOW factor to all walls, all spaces, with ease and in record time.  And when the party’s over, the youngster grows up, or it is time to move, these wall stickers will peel off the wall without causing damage and can be moved again and again.

Nic Robertson is a Melbourne-based designer who, for the past decade has been developing his own portfolio of original patterns, inspired by nature and culture.  This week, he launches his first product, a range of wallpaper designs via The Wallsticker Company.

When Nic saw the removable wallpaper being produced by The Wall Sticker Company at the Design & Decoration Expo earlier this year, he knew he had found the right medium for his designs.  The removable, and self-installed wallpaper is a great solution for interior designers and architects looking for pop-up applications with maximum impact and minimum commitment.

The fabric, washable wallpapers are installed quickly, without glue, and can be removed without damaging walls, and re-applied over and over. The ‘regret-proof’ nature of the product means that commercial spaces such as hotels, restaurants and bars, and also home decorators, get the look of wallpaper, but can be bold when it comes to colour and design.

It’s also a low-risk deal for Guest Designers of The Wall Sticker Company;  the removable wallpaper is printed to order in Melbourne, short runs can be accommodated.  “Designers can go into our print and room see their product being made” said Director Jenny Menz.

Nic believes The Wall Sticker Company is leading in this respect; “The Wall Sticker Company represents a new breed of decorators that are opening up their products to designers. For me, companies that do this have the ability to move forward and offer dynamic ranges without being limited to an in-house design culture.  They understand the design process and I hope to keep this relationship going with new ranges.”

I am going to predict this very creative new startup stream is going to go gang busters.