Melbourne Startup rethinks the Online Dating Game!

- October 9, 2012 2 MIN READ


7pm anywhere launched a couple of weeks ago as a free web app that makes the process of finding a date online fun.

Dating is fun, and finding a date should be too. But most dating sites feel more like work than play. People go onto these sites looking for a connection, yet find the process to be more like job hunting. Profiles are like resumes, messages like cover letters. Girls get inundated, and guys ignored. It works, but it’s a chore.

No longer need people worry about describing themselves in a couple of paragraphs of a profile. 7pm anywhere provides people with an alternative to the personal classifieds approach to online dating. Users are set up 3 guys to 1 girl, based on age, location, and interest (Melbourne only for now). Like the old school TV dating shows, girls ask the questions, guys answer, and a match is whomever she connects with best. To encourage spontaneity, users have a limited time – around 45 seconds – to ask or respond to a question. And for a bit of mystery, the guys’ identity is only revealed at the end!

Emphasis is placed on the interaction between people, allowing users to demonstrate their humour, intelligence, and spontaneity, as a basis for further conversation. This follows a philosophy that users, not computers, are best placed to pick up on a potential love interest.

“7pm anywhere is the dating app that understands people are more than the sum of their parts” said the app’s co-­‐founder Amir Nissen. “Instead of a static profile based system where users are treated like an assortment of interests to be matched by algorithms, we’ve made a system that’s dynamic, allowing users to demonstrate their personality without resorting to cliché.”

The app’s features include:

 No Profiles – Users don’t have to worry about filling out a detailed profile section and answering a long list of questions. Name, Age, Location, and a Photo, then they’re ready to go!

  • No Unwanted Messages – Only users who’ve matched via the Question and Answer process can message each other. This ensures the only messages users receive are from people they’ve previously vetted.
  • But Only At 7pm – The active part of the site – the Question and Answer process to meet new people – begins at 7pm, and lasts until 9pm, on a different night each week.

7pm anywhere is a platform for people to interact and make connections. More than a glorified personal classifieds, the app provides a seamless way to meet people that is fun, fast, and effective.