Have you Subscribed to The Fetch yet? Chop Chop!

- October 31, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


If you have not yet heard of Kate Kendall’s startup The Fetch – read this, follow the links and make sure you subscribe.

One of the most annoying things about a rapidly growing startup scene like we have in Australia is keeping tabs on all the events, seminars and conferences that are happening around the place. Quite often I will be sitting in the office, flick over to twitter and notice a hashtag with some brilliant content attached to it and think Damn! – I wish was there at that event.

The Fetch is a well balanced mix of curation and content, it is targeted at the city you are living in and comes to your inbox once a fortnight in an easy to read and navigate newsletter format – for those startups and digital thinkers out there it is the perfect resource for you to plan your following weeks with for networking and education.

Niche is far becoming the dominating force in the world of content distribution today, in terms of open rates etc startups like the Fetch and even our own Shoe String edm’s are experiencing far above the average statistics, showing that the way people now consume media has changed. What I like about this bulletin style, one page memo every two weeks is it is extremely targeted to my interests – it has a specific audience and stays true to that without swaying.

Do yourself a favour and subscribe

Here is an example of the slick simple design of a fetch email #thefetchsydney