Global Entrepreneurship Week

- October 24, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


With over 8000 people impacted, 100 events (50 of which are in November alone) and 30 partners around the country, Global Entrepreneurship Week Australia is set to be Australia’s largest celebration of entrepreneurship. GEW Australia has brought together government organisations like Australian Taxation Office, private sector organisations like Commonwealth Bank and grassroots organisations to support Australian entrepreneurship

What is it?

Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) is an initiative of the Kauffman Foundation – the leading authority in entrepreneurship. GEW Australia is hosted by FRANK Team.

GEW is between 12 – 18th November 2012, but the GEW Australia campaign kicked off in May 2012.

Here are some of the key events happening during the GEW Australia in NOVEMBER 2012 

· 29 schools around Australia will be launching business skills simulation learning programs for high school students in industries in decline such as retail, hospitality and manufacturing – this is an initiative by Australian Business Week

· The launch of auditions for ‘Young Entrepreneur Society Land of Oz’ movie – a movie-first, featuring local Australian entrepreneurs and business leaders

· 3  back to back Startup Weekends will be held in Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide during GEW – these 54 hour marathons bring together start ups, entrepreneurs, mentors and investors all aiming to create and launch a product in a weekend

· INNOVYZ will hold 2 business leader forums with Jana Mathews in Sydney and Melbourne

· GEW Gangster style Cocktail Party to celebrate being in business and to give SMEs a well deserved Christmas Party

“The goal of GEW Australia is to highlight and stamp Australian business on the global stage in a BIG way,” says FRANK Team Co-owner, Natasha Munasinghe

Other GEW initiatives include 

· Launched interview series ‘Story of an Entrepreneur‘ – to showcase Australian entrepreneurs and find out what their business journey looks like

· Inviting an Australian delegation to World Entrepreneurship Congress in Rio de Janeiro in 2013 to represent Australia