Event: RiverPitch the newest thing to hit Brissie!

- October 23, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


RiverPitch today announced formal support of its inaugural investment pitching event from Ninefold (www.ninfold.com) and McCullough Robertson (www.mccullough.com.au)

Organiser and River City Labs Founder, Stephen Baxter today welcomed these two great supporters of tech innovation and investment.

The inaugural event for RiverPitch will be held in The Cellar of the Brisbane Polo Club on Tuesday October 30th. The event aims to change the way investing is done in Brisbane. The format provides the opportunity for four budding entrepreneurs to present their idea in a ‘pitch’ format to thirty pre-qualified investors.

RiverPitch (www.riverpitch.com) is an effort started by River City Labs to add a new layer to the early stage and start up mobile/web/internet investment scene in Brisbane. RiverPitch caters to the needs of investors who want to see pre-screened pitches and engage with Entrepreneurs seeking funding.

RiverPitch is different to an Angel group in that it merely tries to bring together both sides in a social setting and does not dictate how any investment may get done, all actions after a RiverPitch meeting are bi-lateral.

RiverPitch was inspired by the work done by Sydney’s Innovation Bay (www.innovationbay.com) and the community they have created, catering to people who want a less formal investing environment.

Bringing this style of event to Brisbane is seen as important to continue to build on the work done by River City Labs to foster a tech boom in the River City.

Investors who invest in the early stage and start up tech/mobile/internet sector are encouraged to visit www.riverpitch.com/events. Entrepreneurs operating in this space and looking for funding of between $50,000 and $500,000 can apply to pitch at the events via a 90 second video submission to  riverpitch.com/pitch-to-us/ .

RiverPitch will be a quarterly event held in Brisbane with future dates for the 2013 program coming online in December 2012.