Event: International Day for Failure

- October 4, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


Has the thought of having a day where Failure is actually CELEBRATED instead of looked down upon ever occurred to you before? In a society where only success stories are acknowledged and shared to the public, how can we expect to get the most out of anything if we keep on hiding one of the most important pathways to success….

This is where the creation of International Day for Failure comes in. Started in Finland, 2010, the International day for Failure is one where failure is celebrated and rebuilt in a positive manner instead of being cast aside and looked down upon like it is in society nowadays.  Our aim is to help educate and reassure those who have been through failure or are afraid of failure that it is not such a terrible thing and can in fact actually lead to success you would never have thought possible.

If you think you’re ready to differentiate yourself from the rest of the crew then come join us with our wonderful panel of speakers including Alan Downie from Bugherd, Phillip Kingston from Kingston Development, Susan Barton from Lighthouse Foundation and Yann Burdern from Billcap as they share with us their stories of failures and the impact it has had on them leading up to now.

So what are you waiting for? Come on down and learn the inside stories of the role failure TRULY plays in success! Besides, entry is FREE!

DATE: Oct 13th, 2012
TIME: 2.30-4.30PM
VENUE: 62-66 King Street Melbourne VIC 3000  Melbourne VIC 3000
DRESS CODE: Smart Casual

We hope to see you all there!


2.30-3.15pm Keynote speakers

3.15-3.35pm Q & A session

3.35-4.30pm Networking session

NOTE: RSVP is mandatory

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