Done is better than perfect

- October 25, 2012 2 MIN READ

Facebook had this quote painted across their wall. As a self-confessed perfectionist, it sent shivers down my spine.

What do you mean “Done is better than PERFECT?? HOW??”

I’ve learned something though. When it comes to getting your ideas off the ground, this phrase may very well be true! Even worse, deep down I think I always knew perfection was unrealistic and unhealthy (it’s called denial).

Whether it’s a new business idea or a small change you want to make to your existing business, the reality is that perfection is paralysing.

Pride and passion in your work is important but if no one gets the opportunity to see it, it just becomes a waste. A waste of your time a but also just a waste of a potentially awesome idea.

While you’re caught up in the endless loop of tweaking, revising (ie perfecting) someone else is making progress. In a lot of cases when you think it’s ready, it’s already too late.

I’ve fallen into this trap too many times to mention. I’ve rebranded and moved offices three times in three years… three times!! But with each one, we’ve become stronger and stronger. Both as a team and as a brand. I’ve learned to trust my gut and accept that sometimes “good enough” or “almost perfect” actually works!

These days, I only fall into perfectionist mode when I question my abilities and ideas, but I’ve learnt to constantly remind myself that my team relies on decisions to get things done and move forward.

Once you’ve launched an idea, it’s guaranteed you’ll make a lot of changes.. and often! But progress leads to more progress, which leads to success. And while success may not be perfection, I’d be pretty happy with success any day!

So take your “good enough” idea, a deep breath and just jump in!

Marie Cruz – de Vera
Founder, The Style Co, / Co-founder, League of Extraordinary Women