Business Vision – Don’t Be Without it

- October 23, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


Have you ever heard the saying… ―Be true to yourself‖?

Let‘s look into that saying a little more deeply. Because you essentially have two selves…

1. A Past Self

2. A Future Self

Being true to your past self is easy – you just require a sharp memory and the ability to do what you have always done. Simple, really – but remember: if noth-ing changes, nothing changes.

However, if you are going to be true to your future self, you need something very few people possess 


That‘s right. Without vision, you will wander aimlessly. Without vision, you won‘t know what to focus on.

Without vision, you will allow others to direct you and guide you off the path.

The truth is, vision is the most important asset you have… and when it becomes stronger than your memory, you will transform your future.

Anthony Robbins says: the past does not equal the future. But it does if you dwell in your memories instead of your vision.

So today, take some time to invest in clarifying your vision.

Decide what you want …

Because whether you realise it or not…

What you see is almost always what you get.

Master the art of SEEING better and you will BECOME better.