$100K Awarded for Best in Class at Tech23

- October 25, 2012 2 MIN READ


Some of the State’s most innovative technology start-ups were honoured at this weeks Tech23 showcase in Sydney.

Deputy Premier and Minister for Trade and Investment Andrew Stoner said the Tech 23 innovation event showcased 23 young technology companies and their business models to an audience of over 400 potential investors, partners and clients.

The NSW Government supports Tech 23 with $100,000 in prize money awarded to the best ICT tech start-ups. This year’s winners were:

  • Outstanding Collaboration for Innovation Award ($20,000): Ninja Blocks – allows users to connect real things to apps, the environment, and web services. Whether it’s a doorbell, electricity meter, or TV, Ninja Blocks enables users to connect and control them.
  • High Growth Catalyst Award ($20,000): Smart Sparrow – revolutionises education with its adaptive eLearning Platform – empowering teachers to create powerful learning experiences which intelligently adapt to students. Following five years of research in Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Educational Data Mining and Cognitive Psychology, Smart Sparrow has spun out of the lab and is now used by tens of thousands of students in major international universities each year.
  • Greatest Potential Award ($20,000): ScriptRock offers companies a simple, secure platform for storing system configuration information. It allows customers to convert this configuration information into executable tests against their running systems. Armed with these tests, customers avoid failures due to change, greatly reduce troubleshooting times, ensure system compliance and prevent configuration drift.
  • Innovation Excellence Award ($40,000): Zeptonics creates the world’s fastest and most innovative devices for latency sensitive networks such as high frequency stock trading. ZeptoLink, a 50-port layer 1 circuit switch that can electronically create a circuit between any of its ports, forwards data in approximately five nanoseconds – five one-billionths of a second – about the same time it takes light to travel through 1m (3ft) of optic fibre.

The Deputy Premier said that Tech23 provides a fantastic platform for innovative young companies to help them accelerate commercialisation, generate investment and encourage business connections with potential partners, investors and clients.

“The NSW Government is proud to support Tech23 as part of its broader efforts to position and promote NSW as Australia’s technology business hub”.

Sixteen of the 23 companies selected to participate in last night’s showcase are based in NSW, reflecting the State’s leadership in this dynamic and creative business sector, having said that with some of the exciting tech startups we have seen coming out of Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane lately I expect the line up next year to look a little bit different.

“Innovative start-ups support new jobs, new services, new business models and potential new industries and Sydney and NSW are primed for growth in this sector. The NSW Government is working closely with industry on a range of initiatives to build strength in the State’s reputation as the home of Australia’s new technology start-up community” said the Deputy Premier.