What does Staying Fit and Healthy have to do with Business?

- September 10, 2012 2 MIN READ


As everyone knows when you are feeling unhealthy & unfit, that negative feeling pervades everything you do and business is no exception. In fact due to the fact that running a business requires motivation, self discipline, perseverance, mental toughness, and a vibrant attitude… those negative feelings, which can be quite subtle, have the potential to be even more damaging to your lifestyle than usual. Not only can they impact on your personal relationships, but due to the fact that your personal income may be directly tied to your performance at work, they can directly influence your personal cash flow as well!

Entering into a lifestyle that promotes good diet and fitness enhances many of the positive qualities that will help you be successful at running a business. You learn and grow these qualities through training hard. By pushing your boundaries and hitting personal milestones through exercise you trigger amazing learning experiences. Then when you are feeling great, with all these qualities at their maximum, your business and entrepreneurial activities will also be maximised.

Staying fit makes an unbelievable difference to mental well-being. It can also increase mental clarity on work challenges, increase self-confidence in both work and social settings, and generally increase feelings of happiness.

Making a commitment just to “get fit” is not, however, the answer. This is often a fleeting decision that can be difficult to maintain, as it can involve unsustainable activities for the longer term. Rather than just “getting fit”, make the decision to invest in a lifestyle of good diet and fun activities that involve physical exercise. Activities you enjoy that are not a chore.

So find some activities that you enjoy doing like dancing, team sports, martial arts, pole dancing, swimming, or whatever! And then make the commitment to do any combination of these at least 3 times per week. Hanging out with friends that are also into these activities will inspire you to do them more often. If your current partner or group of friends are not into any of them, don’t despair, there are always thousands more people out there that are that you will meet by doing them! And guess what, they will most likely be fit and healthy just like you!

Eating healthy is also very important. Eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables including super fruits like acai berries. Make sure you have a good healthy breakfast in the morning, and aren’t subject to sugar highs and lows by pigging out on lollies.

Stay fit, healthy, happy, motivated & successful!