VNewsletter – What Books are you Reading?

- September 17, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

When you are starting up, one of the best things you can do is educate yourself, immerse yourself in various theories and do some reading to inspire yourselves. The problem is which books should you read? – there are literally thousands of books out there at the moment both new and old that are geared towards the consumer that wants to leave their full time role and “make their millions”.

When it comes to educating yourself I think it is important to not immerse yourself totally in books, but to get out there and hit the scene, go to events and network and meet people, theory and books are great – but I strongly believe you will learn more through actual conversation and experiential learning when it comes to the start up scene.
Having said that, there are some great books out there that have really inspired me and taught me many lessons and strategies when I was first starting my business, I  also like to book mark pages with critical lessons on them so that I can quickly refer to them quickly, or re-energise and and re-inspire myself if I am having a down day.
In this week’s video, I have chosen a few books that I have read recently that I think people starting a business, or that are trying to create a lifestyle for themselves would find useful in some way, shape or form.