VNewsletter – Making Income through Advertising

- September 24, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


Hey Everyone,

Today I want to chat a little bit about advertising. I have been noticing a change in the way that media buyers are talking with media agencies. In the future companies will be wanting a lot more than just pageviews and exposure for their brands. They will be wanting guaranteed return on their investments, this means a couple of things for publishers.

  1. Essentially publishers need to learn how to become great marketers to generate genuine leads for advertisers
  2. Publishers will be able to charge a premium for these services

That’s not fair to charge more though is it?

Well yes, it is – as an advertiser you will be expecting the publisher to do more work. People have said to me recently that publishers have an easy time as having advertising on a website is easy money. I would say that when advertising is your primary source of income, that it is STRESSFUL money. In the current system when people are buying pageviews you need to work your arse off as a publisher to ensure that you deliver those pageviews and continually attract new readers to continue to grow your business – it’s a job that takes stamina and a lot of patience.

I welcome the new shift in Results based advertising, as a publisher it gives me more control and allows me to negotiate bigger ad contracts. Have you advertised recently online? How did you find the experience?