Tim Fung

- September 5, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

Tim is working to lead a great team of entrepreneurs building a new technology platform that helps people instantly find human resources that can help with tasks around the home and in their businesses.

Through him and his cofounder’s concept and vision, they’ve already seen that Airtasker is influencing the way people think about the services industry – rather than placing services into fixed verticals (like plumbing), their platform allows people to think about services in terms of an end result (like fix my leaking tap).

“This not only takes the friction out of finding and locating human resources for whatever you need, but also creates a whole new marketplace for services that otherwise would not fit into a fixed, existing vertical. For example, we recently had a task for someone to “dress up as a bear and walk around the city promoting me” which would have been difficult to complete without Airtasker!”

In the next 12 months in Australia we are going to see a huge rise in “Micro -Entreprneurism” which is the space Tim is leading – he will soon be an authority on the space both locally and globally.

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