Startup Tech Engineers Set to Save Lives

- September 25, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


In a 48 hour hackathon, the engineers behind Sydney based taxi startup goCatch created an app to save lives and help St John Ambulance NSW improve their response times to first aid emergencies.

The ‘Responder’ app, winner of the Vodafone App Aid competition, provides crucial real time emergency information directly to the iPhones of St John Ambulance volunteers.

“The technology we built will make it easier and quicker to respond to emergencies and in these situations saving seconds and minutes can mean the difference between life and death.” Said Jason Maclulich, Head of Engineering for goCatch.

Responder app uses the GPS capability of the iPhone to show where an emergency is located on a map. Crucial information about the status and nature of the emergency can be shared through the entire St John organisation allowing logistical response to be optimised.

“We adapted the same tech we use to connect taxis and passengers in real-time and have applied this for charity to help the volunteers of St John Ambulance who tirelessly give their time to save lives.” Said Jason Maclulich, Head of Engineering for goCatch.

The App Aid competition was judged by high profile venture capitalist and former Apple fellow Guy Kawasaki and Vodafone CEO Bill Morrow. During the pitch presentation, Mr Kawasaki was noticeably impressed when he was given the Responder app and it worked flawlessly right out of the box.

Before announcing the winner Mr Kawasaki said “You know within the first two minutes whether something is hot or not.”