Startup Sidekicker – Make the most of your Time.

- September 26, 2012 2 MIN READ


Busy Melbourne residents and businesses can breathe a sigh of relief now that young locals Tom Amos (25) and Jacqui Bull (22) have launched their new online venture, Sidekicker, which aims to help you maximise the hours in your day.

Sidekicker’s easy to use app and website gives professionals and businesses instant access to a network of presecreened, quality helpers ready to take care of your small and time consuming jobs for $25 per hour, allowing you to focus on the important tasks.

Sidekicker’s ‘Sidekicks’ can look after all your personal errands such as  delivery, light cleaning, research, furniture moving and other things that add drag to your ‘To Do’ list. But what the founders are really excited about is helping Melbourne businesses be more efficient and cost effective.

“Sidekicker can provide businesses with a scalable and flexible workforce. When things get busy you can use a Sidekick for things like office assistance, data entry, event help, packing of show bags, press kits and other jobs which businesses should ideally outsource”, Amos explains, adding, “This way, valuable employees can focus on their core tasks and value adding activities”.

The site has only recently gone live, with the pair spending the last 3 months screening and interviewing potential ‘Sidekicks’.

“We are really happy with the team we have approved to accept jobs. The Sidekicks go through an extensive application process to make sure they are able to complete all jobs to our high quality standards”, Bull assured.

But wait, here’s the real kicker, once you post a job, a Sidekick will accept it within half an hour. This on-demand service is an exciting new option for Melbournians.

“Technology is helping facilitate the sharing of resources in ways we never thought possible,” said Bull, adding “Sidekicker connects people who are time poor with trusted people who have spare time available, all through the click of a button”.

Sidekicker is currently servicing Melbourne CBD and surrounding suburbs. Find out more at www.sidekicker.com.au or download Sidekicker’s free iOS app available now in the App store.