Sarah Stavrow

- September 5, 2012 2 MIN READ

Sarah Stavrow is the Founder and Director of The Fashion Institute, a place that already boasts hundreds of students and has now been operating for well over a year. Former fashion publicist Stavrow identified a clear gap in the industry of fashion education and sought to create something that gave those wanting to break into the fashion industry a clear understanding of the business side of fashion and provide them with a direct link to the industry through internships with Australia’s best in the game.

“I am quite happy with the results so far” states  Stavrow of her first year at the college. “I started making a profit within the first three months, which is quite often unheard of in an operation like this. By surrounding myself with a great team including a great lawyer and accountant I have been able to cut a lot of costs and find different ways of doing things financially which I wouldn’t have otherwise known.”

Looking to the future she says that she would very much like to open multiple campuses of TFI across Australia, with fashion hungry youngsters from interstate making many enquires as to when they too can get a piece of the action.

Avoiding a distance education model at the moment means she is able to focus on ensuring the students are suitably matched to internships and get to gain real hands on experience and it is obvious that this touch of personal introductions to the industry is perhaps the most unique aspect about the college and is what makes TFI so appealing to anyone wanting to breakout into the fashion scene.

Students of the College have already scored not only internships with the high end fashion magazines, PR Agencies and Fashion Labels, but they have also gained employment with these organisations as well – living out the dream in less than a year of study.

In a little under 2 years Sarah has cemented her mark as one of the leaders in the business side of fashion in Australia.

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