Plan Lab Changes Marketing for SMB’s

- September 2, 2012 2 MIN READ

Huge Problem in the Small Business and Startup Space? The lack of Education around Marketing. Some people may say “Oh Come on, it’s pretty easy right? Marketing is all the “fun” stuff, the lolly bags, the events, the “fluff”- In fact it’s sort of disposable and shouldn’t be a priority when starting a business …” – Those people are silly and very wrong.

A new business needs to sell to survive and needs a good marketing strategy to sell – they are all connected, they are all vital.An innovative app, Plan Lab has launched that allows small business owners to create their own marketing plans while learning marketing. The cloud-based tool guides the user through the process of creating a marketing plan as well as providing case studies of successful small businesses, practical exercises, advice, and templates.

The online marketing plan software guides small business owners through important questions and exercises to learn important marketing skills for their business, and at the end of the process they will have a marketing planthat is available for their constant reference and ready to share with business partners, potential investors and new staff.

“We all know that a marketing plan is vital to small business, but the process of creating one can be overwhelming and even impossible for a business owner if they have never created one before or don’t have marketing knowledge. Plan Lab makes marketing possible for business owners, so they can compete and grow,” explained Mike Halligan, founder of Plan Lab.

Plan Lab also contains a constantly updated library of real-world examples from leading small businesses around the world that provide case studies of the marketing advice in action.

Up until now, marketing plan software has not been truly designed with small businesses in mind. Small businesses need affordable assistance that they can easily access online, with no gimmicks or cross-promotions. They also need up-to-date marketing advice based on new trends and available tactics. Plan Lab ticks all the boxes and because it was created by a small business marketing agency the app takes into account the unique needs and challenges of small businesses.

Because it is based in the cloud, advice on the app is updated regularly for free so that small businesses can take advantage of the latest in marketing. “Marketing changes so rapidly and you need a marketing plan that let’s you pivot and adjust with the latest advice. For example, no one wants marketing software that is so out of date that it doesn’t factor in social media,” said Mike Halligan.

Mike Halligan, owner of small business marketing agency, Engage Marketing, created Plan Lab to fill an obvious need. “After developing thousands of marketing plans for clients and also rewriting bad marketing plans, we spent two years creating Plan Lab to empower business owners and new marketers to create their own marketing plans while learning essential marketing skills at the same time.

“Statistics show that most small businesses do not have a dedicated marketing person on their team, in fact 62.7% do not employ any staff at all. Therefore, small business owners need to be given the tools to market their businesses, especially if they cannot afford to outsource the development of their marketing plan.”

Get onto this folks – for US $137.00 this is definitely worth the investment.