Optus announces 4G network

- September 4, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

Today Optus has announced the launch of their new 4G network to Australian consumers in Sydney, Perth and Newcastle. For many who only made the switch to 3G two years ago (with phones such as the iPhone 4), now is the perfect time to have a look at the range of 4G phones. With blazing download and upload speeds, Optus’ new network is welcome news to all Australian smart phone users.

While Telstra currently offers the HTC One XL as its 4G flagship, Optus just announced a more popular phone to use new 4G tech: Samsung’s Galaxy S III.

“You can stream your favourite music and file share, without long wait times. You can experience amazing picture quality when watching HD movies and YouTube clips on the go, with less buffering. And with a more responsive connection, you can make video calls that feel more realistic and enjoy real time gaming with reduced lag,” Optus claims on their website.

“And if you’re running a business you’ll be able to communicate, share information, and use cloud services far more efficiently.”

Both Optus and Telstra also offer 4G USB modems, which can be used in conjunction with a laptop so you can upload download large email attachments, upload YouTube videos and stream music on the go all at faster speeds than before.

Click here to see Optus’ 4G network availability.
(Optus 4G services will also be available in Melbourne from 15th September.)

Click here to see Telstra’s 4G network availability.