New Startup urges you to Verify1st

- September 18, 2012 2 MIN READ


You know once I ordered a jacket online, weeks went by and it never showed up, I tried contacting the website which I bought it from and basically found nothing – I had been scammed and some conman/woman had just pocketed $140 of my hard earned money and no doubt countless others just from around the world would have been experiencing the same saga as I.

A new Sydney startup is aiming to take these scam artists head on with their new venture Verify1st – an online solution that helps customers identify WHO they may be buying from and informing them of RISKY decisions around purchasing product from particular websites that may not be the real deal.

In a time where 56% of people are actually worried and stressed about buying online and where almost 16% of people have reduced their online spend due to this – Verify1st is a welcome innovation for online retailers the world over. In 2011 alone over $1.4 billion dollars of consumers money was lost to scams and fake websites making false claims and promises.

Co-Founder Luke Metcalfe knows his stuff, with over 10 years experience in large scale web mining the technology behind the offering of the company is unmatched by anything else that is currently on the market. Along with a sound grass roots user adoption and marketing strategy by his partner in the venture Kat McKinnon, speaking directly to online shoppers across various forums and Q&A sites across the net.

One thing is very clear, scammers are becoming more sophisticated and more professional online. Hopefully with smart products such as this coming to market we will be able to develop some great data on these people and Verify1st will be able to share some great stats on how many people they have helped and money they have helped protect through their services.