New Startup aims to get friends to … err talk with Each Other

- September 20, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


New online startup Talking Elf is on a mission to get friends reconnecting when they are together, saying that way to much time is spent on smart phones when people come together instead of connecting through conversation.

I have to say if I really think about it my friends and I often find ourselves in what we call “i-holes” on a regular basis when we are together just hanging out, in the car and even at dinner – sometimes going up to half an hour not speaking and communicating via facebook or instagram – it’s quite dumb really.

Talking Elf is still in it’s very early stages, the primary focus at the moment is attracting users. Given that smart phone users are the target market I would be creating an app to launch the site as soon as possible, and monetise through ads and pageviews. If they can gain that critical mass than there is no reason they can’t be making some pretty big revenue’s, especially if they make the user experience addictive so people return multiple times in a day.

What do you think? Long Stayer? Sustainable?