Is Customer Service … Just Dead?

- September 14, 2012 2 MIN READ


Why do I have to beg for a napkin and then, once I finally get one, why is it the size of a piece of confetti?

$0.30 for a tiny sachet of Tomato Sauce – are you kidding me?

Do all waiters really suffer from Tunnel Vision – can they really not see that I need something?

If the store’s closing time is 5pm, why is it that I have to crawl on my stomach to get under the half lowered doors at 4:45pm?

When you ring up my order don’t ask me “Is that it?” – it makes me feel like I haven’t done enough. Try saying “Thank you – is there anything else I can do for you?” – Now that makes me feel appreciated and well looked after.

You see, it’s the little things that make up Customer Service and it is a whole bunch of little things all stacked up that makes great Customer Service.

As the CEO of a number of successful start-ups both here and abroad, most recently Redback Conferencing, a leader in video and web conferencing, there’s one thing I have learnt.  Superior Customer Service is one of the most effective things you can do to drive revenues.  Word of mouth is incredibly powerful and it’s your job to ensure that your customers, suppliers and even competitors experience exceptional customer service through each and every interaction they have with your organisation.

We can immediately improve our Customer Service by simply understanding our place in the world. Each and every one of us does not have a job (and it does not matter what that job is) unless we have customers. Just like life, to get what you want, you have to first help others get what they want. Look after your customers first, and they will look after you.

Want to improve your Customer Service without breaking the budget? Here are some quick things you can do right now that won’t cost you a cent…

1) Impress!
Just before you pick up that phone or engage face to face with a customer or supplier, remind yourself that your goal is to impress and amaze them with this interaction. It starts right now!

2) Find the Solution!

The art of listening and learning is underrated. What does your customer want? What is your customer trying to tell you? Once find this out, quickly figure out how to get it for them.

3) Reverse Roles!
It’s something we were all taught at a young age and it’s also something that still holds true – ‘treat others they way that you wish to be treated.’  Always put yourself in your customer’s shoes and think about how you would react if the roles were reversed.

4) Be the change you want to see!

It all starts from the top – inspire and motivate your employees by practicing what you preach! Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking that ‘it’s not my job.’

Changing your attitude about Customer Service can truly make your life so much better. When you talk to someone, be it at the office or home, think about what it is that they want out of the conversation and do your best to help them get it immediately. You’ll soon notice your life become so much richer and more satisfying.

So come on, put away that shovel, Customer Service isn’t dead; it just needs a little TLC!