Get Ahead of the Game – How to Smash your Business Goals

- September 7, 2012 3 MIN READ


The big problem in business is not that we don’t have goals. We all have goals, targets, visions, plans dreams and desire for what we want to achieve. Unfortunately these often get lost in the day to day operations, meetings, proposals and management of the business. We have all at some stage taken time out to think about and maybe even map the future of our business. Very few businesses actually manage to execute on that map completely.

So how do you get ahead of the game? It’s actually easier than you think. You just need to create a plan and execute on that plan. The important part here is execute, most people just don’t know how to pull it all together. Here are some great tips for making sure you execute on your plan and smash your business goals from my new book “Play a Bigger Game – how to achieve more, be more, do more and have more.”


In a business world where trends, technologies, markets and customer needs are changing at an ever increasing pace, 5 year plans just don’t cut it. In fact 2 year and even 1 year plans can be useless. I prefer to work in 90 day blocks. 90 days gives you enough time to get some momentum going but not lose touch by sticking it on the backburner and get lost or swallowed up by everything else. Ask yourself, what do I want to focus on achieving in the next 90 days? In fact what would be the best thing for my business?


False ranking is the best way to find what is really important to your business right now. It’s the process of writing down the 5 things you think might be the right things and then comparing them one by one against each other. It’s a fantastic exercise and you will be surprised at what shows up at the top. This is because we get below the surface to see what’s really important. (For a detailed discription of this awesome exercise see chapter 11 “Get your Priorities Right).


Describe the result that you want in 90 days as clearly as possible. The more detailed the picture of what you want to achieve, the more likely it will become real. What your mind can picture, your hands can create. Poor picture equals poor result.


If its not important it won’t get done. So come up with 3 clear reasons why you simply must achieve this goal. These reasons should be strong and well founded because they are what are going to keep you going when the going gets tough, when you feel like everything is going off the rails. These three whys will get you back on track by reminding you that you simply must get this done. There is no other option.


Next you need to create an action plan. What are the key things that need to be done in the next 90 days? Three good solid actions is what I work with and I back these up with clear deadlines or milestones. This allows me to break the bigger goal down into smaller key steps and measure the progress. If I miss a deadline or milestone, I need to review, refine and reset. This gives me momentum that pushes me toward smashing the goal.


One clear mistake that businesses make in setting goals, is they forget to consider the support available and the obstacles they come up against. Pretty much every goal you are likely to want to achieve has probably been completed by someone else at some time. Do your research, find out what works best. Get some help if need be. Find out as much information as you can.

There are few things worse than stumbling blindly in pursuit of a goal that you don’t understand. If need be, buddy up with someone that will help you out or get a mentor. Also define the obstacles that might get in the way: lack of time, resources, motivation or assistance and plan for these, so that when you hit the speed bump you are not thrown off the chase, you can just readjust and keep pushing forward.


That’s it, now get cracking. Execute on each of the actions, meet the deadlines and milestones and then watch as you knock your goal out of the park.