Analytics for Bricks & Mortar Stores!

- September 13, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

Whilst bricks and mortar retail spaces have to work around the limitations of opening hours and set physical locations, there are now analytics options available to monitor and gain insights into customers’ behaviour once they are through the door. Bringing data into the physical realm is one way for retail stores to get some of the key benefits of the web without having to completely shift to digital.

Security camera manufacturer Mobotix today unveiled MxAnalytics, which brings advanced analytics software to what are already some of the best cameras on the market. They can now measure, analyse, and report valuable data, rather than just watch and record.

Data on how many shoppers are in their store, when the busy times are, where the hotspots of their merchandising are, which areas of their store are effective, etc can now give stores more information to allow them to run more streamlined, efficient operations.

That’s just one example, and there are countless applications for startups, small businesses and larger corporations.

“The hotly anticipated MxAnalytics adds a range of very clever data resources to the Q24 and provides exciting new business opportunities for us,” says Graham Wheeler, MOBOTIX Business Development Manager for Asia Pacific.

“Effective heatmapping, people counting, and fully automated reports are analytical gold for any business and makes it a very useful tool for the retail sector.”

If you’re a bricks and mortar retailer and are interested in learning more, click here to check out the Mobotix range of camera and data products.