What’s the Time Mr Wolf? A Startup just for Fun!

- August 24, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

Sometimes a startup isn’t out to change the world, sometimes they are not trying to raise millions of dollars to be the next facebook. Sometimes startups just wanna have Fun!

New Aussie Startup Animal Suits is doing just that with their new super cute, super cool kigurumi which is the local name for these “Animal Onsie’s” that originated from Japan. Kigus are designed to be one size fits all creatures great and small. They are purposefully baggy so if you’re looking for a sleek, figure hugging onesie that will make your bod pop, you’ll need to look elsewhere. Whether you’re a six foot six giraffe or a 5 foot mini owl, their Animal Suits will find a way to fit you. The animal hoods are also one size fits all, although they are designed for adult heads.

Adult animal Onsie’s may seem like an extremely niche market, but the founders who are also party promoters and producers have gone out and tested the market and seen that us Aussie part animals [lol dad joke] have a certain fascination and love for a onsie, a penchant for dressing up and let’s be honest who doesn’t want one of these suits, I want ALL of them.

Rumours are they will be getting Unicorn suits as well soon … Freakin’ UNICORNS!! Hell to the Yes!